Friday, 9 November 2012

Ideas and Adventures

Have you ever heard of the expression, ‘If life hands you a lemon, make some lemonade?’ Well Sequins andPonies is a beautiful testimony to this adage. A blog full of ideas and adventures, it illustrates the author’s passion for living and loving. Full of funny, creative articles about writer Danielle Deojay’s life experiences, it makes for a very interesting, pleasurable read!
The blog features articles related to lifestyle, home decor, fashion, travel, cooking, shopping, adventures and activities, in short, anything and everything that squeezes a bit of fun out of the drudgery of routine. Once you get on this blog you can spend hours on its content. Each article is light, amusing, interesting, informative, and reflects the author’s keen interest in the world around her. Want fashion advice? Read her holistic fashionista column. Travel advice? No problem, follow Danielle around the world to famous, exotic and lesser known locations. Party at your place? Get great advice with Danielle’s home decor and fantastic recipe articles. ‘Sequins and Ponies’ covers almost every fun activity that you can think of and loads more!
Residing in Los Angeles, DanielleDeojay devotes her time to posting a range of topics on her blog. Complimented by fantastic pictures from around the world, the blog is riveting for first timers and old hats alike! The author’s writing style is lucid, interesting and enjoyable to read. Each article is unique, creative and original.  Some of her posts are informative, few others entertaining while few featuring her views on life and living is thought provoking. A mixed basket, the blog is a fantastic collection of posts on a range of topics. Fans have loads of material to choose from, depending on their interest, mood or preference.
Appreciate the little things in life, like a ride on the subway or a delicious meal with Danielle as she continues her journey around the world to find the most interesting people, events, cultures, practices and lifestyles to share with you!